Pedoman Penulisan IAJ


Instruction for Authors


1. Scope: research paper in the field of aquaculture, coastal, and freshwater fisheries, and the environment.

2. Language: English. It is preferable that manuscripts are professionally edited. The abbreviated name or expression should be cited in full at first usage, followed by the accepted abbreviation in parentheses. Metric SI units should generally be used. Chemicals formulas and solutions must specify the form used. Common species names should be followed by the Latin binomial (Italic) at the first mention.

3. Manuscript: should be prepared max. 15 pages, double-spaced (except for title, tables, figures, and bibliography which is prepared in single-spaced) in Microsoft Word on A4 paper, font (Times New Roman 12).

4. Submission : Manuscript submitted to the journal must be original with clear definition of the objective, materials used, method applied and results and should not have been published or offered for publication elsewhere. The manuscript must be submitted to the Managing Editor, Jl. Ragunan 20, Pasar Minggu, Jakarta Selatan 12540, Indonesia, e-mail: There are no page charges for manuscript accepted for publication, unless otherwise indicated below.

5. Manuscript which does not meet the requirements will be rejected.

6. Editor provides reprint for the author.

7. Electronic journal at


Manuscripts Preparations

1. Title: brief, concise, and informative, reflecting the manuscripts material. Avoid the abbreviation and formula where possible. Author’s name, institution, and address are written under the title. Title should not be more than 15 words.

2. Abstract: a concise and factual abstract is required. The abstract should state briefly the purpose of the research, the principle method, results and conclusion. Abstract should not exceed 250 words.

3. Key words: contain 3 to 5 words, referred from Agrovocs.

4. Introduction: state the background and objective of the work.

5. Materials and methods: clearly and concisely describe the experiment with sufficient details for independent repetition.

6. Results and Discussion: results are presented with optimum clarity and without unnecessary detail.

7. Tables: short, clear and must be able to stand alone. Table should have a title and number in sequence and are placed above the table.

8. Figures and graphics: prepared in appropriate pattern. Graphics should be prepared in MS excel. Figure should have a title and number in sequence. Figure and graphics title and their explanation or notes are placed below the figure or graphics.

9. Picture/photograph: prepared in contras color or B/W. Pictures/photograph should have a title and number in sequence.

10.Conclusion: concise considering the title, objectives and research results.

11. Acknowledgement:  if necessary, should be to a minimum (less than 40 words).

12.References: follow the APA (American Psychological Association) style. References in the text should cite the author’s names followed by the year of their publication, unless there are three or more authors when only the first author’s name is quoted followed by et al. e.g. Sugama et al. (1999) or Sugama & Radiarta (2000). References at the end of the paper should be listed in the alphabetical order. Please ensure that every reference cited within the text is also present in the reference list (and vice versa). Latest and primary references at least 80% are strongly advised.

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